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  • BRC
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  • Food production
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  • Beverage production
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Our Commitment to Safety

We're committed to providing you with the safest and most secure produce available. Our philosophy is one of prevention to assure food security.

We are continually re-evaluating and taking steps to insure food safety. We are vigilant in staying abreast of government food safety codes and recommendations. We will stay alert and aware to the ever-changing threats to food security as they are posed.


We also provide service to get you successfully passthe USDA Federal and State Audit Program for Good Agricultural Practices & Good Handling Practices.

Internal Auditing

We're conducting internal inspections of our operations monthly.  A core group of individuals have been trained to identify and log concerns. 

The manager of the appropriate department in which concerns have been noted is expected to present and implement corrective action.

Food Security Plan

We have implemented a written Food Security Plan to identify potential security risks. We have operating procedures in place for the sole purpose of preventing intentional and unintentional product contamination. Our team of full-time Food Safety/Security specialists ensures all security measures are followed.

HACCP (Hazard Anlysis and Critical Control Points) Plan

A HACCP Plan is established to identify Quality Control Points in our facility to  insure the freshness and integrity of the products we distribute. The goal of this plan is to involve all employees in the overall safety of the food at this facility and to guarantee that safe practices brought fresh produce to our customer's door. Learn more at HACCP page


Part of Conset Consulting's HACCP Plan is a traceability system. It guarantees that every piece of produce which leaves the facility can be traced back to its origin.

In addition to aiding recall efforts, traceability can also be used as a marketing tool by our customers. Recent research by U.S. retailers have found that consumers are willing to pay more for and are more trusting in produce that can be source verified.

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Vigilance is the guarantee of safety.

Food Safety

Food safety, better be safe!


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